Privacy Policy


Is guarantee full compliance with all the provisions of the Law to protect privacy, explicitly confirming careful adherence to the provisions of Regulation Gdpr n.679 / 2016 and to what follows, and in particular from what is contained in the articles from 13 to 22 , and in Article 34.

Concretely: at any time, you can contact the owner of the data processing Cristiana Fiorini, by contacting her at the email address: for any information, correction, variation, or cancellation you wish on the data concerning you.

Is guarantee that the data collected will not be used for purposes other than those explicitly agreed, which if not explicitly granted will not be disclosed to third parties, and which will be stored and protected by adopting appropriate methods. I would like to thank you for the trust placed in I, and I wish you to reciprocate by placing every care in the processing of your information.